Professional cleaning and the very best care products for your Franke sink.

Microfiber Cloth 1 Pcs


Our new Franke Kitchen Care cloth for all Franke surfaces consists of a special fiber which, thanks to its special structure, is able to absorb even the smallest dirt particles and bind them in the cloth.

£4.99 inc. VAT

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Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner 200 ml


A compound uniquely developed for our stainless steel surfaces and their professional cleaning and care. The paste is acid-free and the polishing compounds embedded within it provides for a sustainable and gentle cleaning.

£7.49 inc. VAT

Coloured Sinks Cleaner 250 ml


This special cleaner gently removes lime scale and dirt deposits and gives the product permanent protection if applied on a regular basis. The water rolls off and the surface is maintained scratch-free and with lasting effect.

£7.99 inc. VAT

Tap Cleaner 250 ml


Lime scale and deposits will be removed gently without harming the surrounding surfaces, thus preserving the value of the kitchen objects for a long time.

£7.99 inc. VAT

Cooker Hood Cleaner 250 ml


Thanks to its professional formulation, Franke Kitchen Care cooker hood cleaner effectively eliminates grease deposits and odours from your cooker hood, ensuring perfect cleanliness inside and out.

£7.99 inc. VAT

Hob Cleaner 250 ml


Franke Kitchen Care hob cleaner that effectively removes dirt and burnt-on food from your hob, ensuring thorough cleanliness and care.

£7.49 inc. VAT